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Early RHD (1970) Internal fuse box Battery Wiring


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Hi Guys, 

Does anyone have any experience with the early RHD 240Z internal fuse box with the long pig tails? I recently pulled my dashboard out to get reskinned, and while i was at it i replaced my old internal x with the long pigtail MSA fuse box (https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/50-5011). 

I did label connectors as i took them all off, but i am a little confused with the 2 large White (BATT) connectors on the Fusebox. I didn't get a decent photo when i unplugged everything, but i am pretty sure that the old fuse box was hooked up with a single spade connector going into the loom (though this appears non-original/hacked up by PO, and i am not sure what colour the cable is.. i forgot to check) and the other large spade seems like it was only connected to a power cable for a CD stacker (with a dodgy small spade.. quality).. I also have the smaller White (i think..) cable connected to the fuse box with the standard bullet connection. 

Definitely doesn't match any of the electrical charts i can find online which show there should be 2 large White/Red cables going to these connections on the fuse box.. one to the Ammeter and the other to the Alternator

I have connected the single spade up to the fuse box, and it did allow me to start the car (and the AMP meter works). I have also had a look for where the other white/red cable could be, but can only find it up higher in the loom with a simple Male/Female connector (which looks factory, and old.. so it seems standard).

Can anyone help me out? i need to confirm if the second White/Red needs to be connected on these really early (low Vin 70's) cars, and if so where does/should it go? everything i can find wiring diagram wise looks like it should be connected.. there just doesn't seem to be anywhere for it to go.

Here is the original fuse installed


Connections after removing fuse box and heater panel (the CD changer connection that i am 90% sure was connected to the other spade is that yellow cable on the left)


MSA fuse connectors (i had to cut off the large white connectors to put on large female spade connectors to suit)


and finally, the back of the dash showing the standard loom and connectors, and the White/Red male/female connector higher up in the dash



Appreciate any help you guys can give.. i don't want to put it all back together to find that there is a loose high amp wire floating around somewhere in the dash to cause a fire or something






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