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Electrical Problem


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73' 240z- I blew a fuse to the park tail part of the amp section on fuse block when I was gettin on the gas, this killed all gauges and turn signals. I replaced the fuse and the amp gauge went wacko full tilt + a million on the gauge, so I thought voltage regulator, This is the second voltage reg in a year. The voltage reg is seperate from the Alternator, so I replaced it, it started out OK til I gave it some gas and the amp gauge increased with the RPM's. This lasted a short time, the gauge spiked a couple of times and then settled on the center. The gauge goes to -Neg when the lights are on and will not move above center with any other conditions. The alternator checked good and I purchased a new one, new Alt checks good , which did not change a thing. The battery overheated and has been dropping acid(fluid) on the floor. The Alt is giving 12.53 at the battery and with lights on it is 11.5. I think this is low? What gives? Thanks in advance for any advice

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Check your voltage reg. connector.Mine looked good but had a bad connection on the solid white wire.Thats the one that turns the voltage off to your battery when fully charged.Check continuity thru the connector,allwires.Wire around the connector if bad.Your battery is questionable now.Replace it when fix is made. Daniel

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Definitely a Voltage Reg. Problem or associated wiring! I just went through the same thing when my VR went belly up. One word of caution. Do NOt disconnect the battery to prevent overcharging it if you need to drive some where! It will blow your dome lamp, Hand brake light, and heater control panel lights when the Amps spike. Actually I later found out that the Hand Brake light and heater control lights did not blow out. Seems that they have a socket with a ground tab on them. When the Amps spiked the Ground tab heated up and bent ever so slightly away from the ground connection and saved the bulbs! This can be remedied by simply rebending the ground tab back into position and putting the socket back in place. Good luck!

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