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Parts for Sale: S30 Calendar clock or called 1 knob rally clock


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S30 Calendar clock or called 1 knob rally clock

This is known as a calendar clock, or sometimes known as a 1 knob rally clock. No, it doesn't come with an ossillator, the 2 knob rally clock does. For me, its a calendar clock.

As you see, the face is different than the stock clock, has a orange second hand and its got the date next to the 3. These were standard on some of the JDM market models, and an option in other markets. I think this is part number 27390-N4500. There is a NOS, in the box one on a vendors webiste for $1100.

I picked this up a while ago, its used. No, I haven't tried to see if it works, I could do more damage. So, I advise this is sold for restoration, or at least it needs looked at by someone who knows about these things, e.g. Ron at Zclocks, who restored my calendar clock. Therefore sold as is.

Condition, looks good, the knob is there, which is a big plus, as they sometimes can be missing, lens isn't got any major scratches or haziness. The outer lip isn't badly damaged. Someone before me has damaged the screws that hold the bracket at the rear, heads all messed up, but that is minor. If my memory serves me, the wiring pins are for the 260z/280z in whatever market, not the 240z. I would consider making up a short sub-harness to overcome any connection issues if you wanted this and it's not a direct fit (or change the wiring/block at restoration). It will fit into a 240z dash, just the wiring pins differ. Also, to fit this in the dash correctly, there is a different fixing strap, its slightly longer as the calendar clock is deeper than the standard clock. Not by much, I just elongated the hole in the strap I had.

Price is $250 or very close to.

Shipping USA is about $35.50 tracked. Europe is about $22, tracked.

Can't be many S30's in North America with a calendar clock.

Drop me a PM to discuss.

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