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how many 260Z 2+

datsun 260

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I am from Corsica island in meditterranean sea some people tell it's in France and Z are rare and more rare here ,since a long time now i am interest by a 240Z but 1 month ago a friend must sell his father's car a 260Z ,14years in sleep in a dry area i went to see it and found rust in sill corner and lower valence 2 points on the body, near battery on surface only, there is a f...funcky sunroof and 2 rust points near joint i didn't find rust on others parts , inferior parts face miss with central bumper a mad Max style spoiler take place really ugly! there is 2 little sport seats... beurk! for me if i take this car it must loocking stock! it miss driver's window, centrale console broken, 117000 milles,carbu without filter only grille...oups! slave receptor and master cylindre's cluth must be dead,breaks and shocks to,friend told me engine can start (not see yet) but carbs lose gas and mufler smoke.

So i will be interest to know what price for this car in europe,how many 260 2/2 were product in the world?

I didn't see too much rust, car worked only 14 years but funcky sunroof some parts miss engine must be rebuild,carbs change and certainely more and more.Is it reasonnable to restaure it. STEF

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