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accessory relay

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Can someone confirm which relay is used for the accessories on a 1973 240z.  The wiring diagram that I have been using shows 3 blue wires. The 73 service manual shows the accessory relay harness as a 3 pin harness with 3 blue wires.   One of my relays has 3 wires, it is of course bad.   Its part number is 25230 89914.  Internet search indicates that this is for the intermittent wipers.  I have upgraded my wipers and no longer use the original relay.  I have a relay available that I believe is part number 25230 89924.  I think this is a headlight relay.  I probably could use this in place of the accessory relay, it is a 4 pin relay so I might have to jumper one of the coil wires.  Power-wise it is probably acceptable. 

But the real question is can someone confirm the part number and/or spec on the accessory relay?


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