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Datsun Advertising


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I'm after pictures of old Datsun posters for the Z car. I've seen a few in the past can't find them at the moment. Does anyone have any links to them? Or photo's they could post up here.

I'm looking to make a commercial for a Z as part of an assignment I have to do on principles of Design.


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Thanks for that guys, I liked the Dream Garage one :).

Here's a pic of what I've done so far, I've used some images that Mike provided on this site as well as a Datsun symbol. I also used Flash to give it that cartoonish feel when it's converted to a vector drawing.

You see my assignment is to design an advertisement for a product of course I decided to market the Z.

I wanted to add people to the picture but I wanted to keep it period like and have a 70's guy and girl but found it hard to locate pictures of people from the 70's on the net. I just feel the add needs something a little more.



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