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Introducing myself and my problems...


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Hello everyone, this is my first post here... I recently brought Alfa's 240Z and sadly also brought his carb problems. :\

A few weeks ago Alfa posted about the car's rough idling here, since then Alfa has done various things to it and I have replaced the plugs and will be getting it tuned to my altitude tommorow... but... the problems persist.

I have a fairly limited technical knowledge and this is my first car without fuel injection but I suspect something must be rather wrong with the float in one of the carbs, the car runs terribly after using the choke, or idling for a few mins, and has recently started just dying when you put the clutch down into an intersection (the revs just rapidly drop without any spluttering etc to zero)... all of which can be solved by pushing the float up by hand, but as you can understand that isn't really a long-term solution. The carb seems to have problems adjusting the fueling ratio on and off choke and idle. Anyone have suggestions as to what is amiss? Could the float be rotten (is it made of plastic like Commodores?) or could there be a problemo with how it is hinged?



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If you have some mechanical ability, and a basic understanding of how carbs work, them I'd take them off the car, take them apart and clean them really good.

There are quite a few good articles here and at www.zhome.com for getting them retuned. worth a consideration if you can't find anything else wrong with them.

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you might as well check the floats its easy enough, pull them out and put them in a dish of water, if they fall to the bottom they are buggered. when this happens in the carbies the engine will flood and it will run like crap.

its possible this could be the problem, when your driving the revs are up and fuel is being kept at an acceptable level in the float chambers, when the car idles it doesnt uses as much fuel, the float chambers fill up and the carbies flood.

just a thought, its worth checking.

if they are ok then make sure they are adjusted correctly for the right float hight, sorry i cant remember what the correct float height is.

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