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im looking into getting my first Z car i love what i have seen as far as style and preformace out of 240z's but im wondering what the diffrence is between the 240, 260, and 280z's there are 3 or 4 260 and 280's here for sale around my price range. should i wait for the right 240 or can i take a 280 and make it look just as good with just as much power.

please excuse me for being a newbie to the Z cars but i look forward to starting my Z project asap

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Whether you decide to get a 240, 260, or 280 is entirely up to you. As far as looks are concerned, they all pretty much look the same (except for minor things like tail lights, bumpers, turn signals, etc.). You can make any one of them look like another one fairly easily.

The big difference between the 3 is in regard to what some would call luxuries, like fuel injection or A/C.

240: Carburated 2.4L, some had A/C installed by the dealers, but most don't have it. Little to no emissions and not much in the way of niceites like intermitent wipers or stuff like that. Most will tell you the 240 has the most "soul" to it.

260: Carburated 2.6L, but with the "bad" carbs. These cars were made for only about a year and way too much emissions on the them so they were heavier. Engine displacement was increased to help over come emissions accessorie's draw on the engine. Almost all 260's though had A/C. (A plus!) They also had a different dash design around the console, and came in a 2+2 model (backseat).

280: Fuel injected 2.8L. This when Nissan really started adding on the luxuries some-what. You can find a good 280 reasonably cheap and in fairly good shape. Good power from the motor, but it has to overcome the heavier body weight. I still think a stock 240 can outrun a stock 280.

Since you're on a 240 site, I'll suggest you find a 240!:D

A simple swap of the 2.4L with a 2.8L adds a lot to a 240's power capabilities with out restricting you to more emissions (check your local laws on this). Plus, if you're in a state that requires emissions checks (like strange California), most 240's are exempt.

Food for thought, and I'm sure there are more members out there that can provide you with enough info to make a wise decision, but either way, I'd still suggest going for a 240!

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Kmack did an excellent job of the various Zcars.If Imay add the 260z came in a 74 and 74 1/2.The 74 was more similiar to a 240,carbs and small bumpers. The 741/2 is closer to a 280.It has fuel injection and large bumpers.Myself I prefer the 240.They are easy to work on for "shadetree" fixers.The 280 with the Fuel inj.sensors and computer run well,run long but,are hard to work on at home.Have Fun!! Daniel

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