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240Z Emblem T-Shirt on eBay


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Hey Guys;

I just thought I'd let you guys know about a T-Shirt on eBay that IMHO is kinda nice. Silk-Screened on a Hanes Beefy-T


I suggest not bidding on the auction of the price goes over $11.95 USD. In that case Click on the link labeled "Ebay T-Shirt Store" amd then click on the "Mazda,Datsun" catagory. you can buy the shirts there for $11.95 plus shipping of $3.95 (sizes XXL and XXXL are $3 more. Sweatshirts are also available.

I am not connected to the seller in any way, except that I bought a shirt from him or her.


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I can have them done for not too much $ ea. Just the cost of the shirts and the screen especially for one with only one color. I think the screen is about $35. and after that the cost of t he shirt plus a little for the screener. i can look into it if any body is interested . I have a friend in the business and can get a deal. ROFL

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Can your friend do multiple colors? Maybe he could make up screens for our club logo and we could get some nice Classic Z Club shirts done on a bulk buy. If this is something that your friend might be able to do, contact Mike and see if he'll give permissiion to use the club logo, or maybe your friend can make them for Mike to sell????

I'd love to have a Classic Z Club silk-screened shirt.

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