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240z heater blower inop


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i got a 73 240z and have recently put in a stereo. After i got it all in i found out that the heater blower motor wont come on. I did clean up some of the wiring in there when putting in the stereo but dont think i disconnected anything. I was wondering if anyone new what wires to check? I think once before the ground wire came off the motor a mechanic told me but i dont know which wire that is? Anyone got a clue? anything else i could check? It really suck driving in the winter withourt a window defroster. Also i noticed that my rear defroster still works but takes forever to defrost the window. Is there a way to put a little more juice in it to defrost the windows quicker? Any ideas on that? Let me know if anyone has run into these types of problems. Thanks a bunch.... I sure love my Z and once before with a previous car without the defroster i hit a parked car cause i couldnt see. I sure dont want that to happen again... Suntadz:confused:


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This may just be my car, but my '72 has a fuse inside the stereo compartment. It's to the right (looking from the drivers' seat) of the stereo. I ran into the same problim while crossing the Rocky mountains in November. No defroster sucks. Anyway I came across this lone blue wire with a "push and twist" fuse. The fuse was blown so I changed it and the blower has worked ever since. You'll probably have to take the stereo back out to see if you have the same setup. I imagine that wire was installed when the A/C was put in when the car was new, but then again it may be factory. At least that's a place to start.

Good luck,


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My defroster bites as well. This might sound retarded but when something electrical stops working in my car i usually just give a little tap to the fuse box and whatever wasnt working usually kicks in.. Doubt that's yer problem, but give it a try. I need to take out my whole fuse box and either replace or repair it.

And your car looks Very Nice BTW.. from what i can see in the pic.

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