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Bad Dog Parts has been working on several new parts and before they are offered for sale, we need your help getting the fitment dialed in. For these parts we would ship a prototype to a willing Z owner who would trial fit it on their Z and report back to us any modifications or changes required to ensure they fit correctly. In return we would provide a free set for your efforts.


Here is a list of our current prototypes:


·       280ZX frame rails (coupe and 2+2)

·       280Z frame rails for aftermarket floor pans

·       280Z optional rear frame rails (for stock and aftermarket floors – similar in design to our optional 240 rears)

Note: Pictures of these parts will be posted once the Design Patent application process has been completed.

As our rails are made from 13-gauge steel we recommend folks who want a stock thickness rail to get them from Zeddfindings instead. Ours are made for those you have added more HP, torque or drive their cars hard.

In addition to these we also have several other parts close to final production fitment in the next 30-45 days:

·       7-gauge frame rail prototypes for S13 and S14 drift cars

·       280Z seat brackets

·       Toyota Tacoma (Standard Cab) frame rails reinforcement pieces

If you wish to assist us please send an email to:

Let us know the part(s) you can test fit and the year of your Z(s).



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