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Suggested price for mag wheels?


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I am thinking about changing the wheels on my 260z. The ones that are on it now are the original(from the dealership in 74') mags, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me a legitamate price I could get for them. Three of the wheels are in great shape, and one has slight curb rash. I would include the tires, which only have est. 10,000 miles on them. The wheels are 14'' and they are polished. I would include the lugs and caps. If you would like to look at the wheels, take a look at my gallery.

I am just asking what a fair price would be for them. THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE. Thank you.


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If they are the 6 point rims, on eBay they go from $150 - $250 without tires. If they have the center caps and are polished with no curb rash they cold bring $500 but that is tops. But keep in mind that eBay is up and down and if selling locally they may not be as desirable.

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The money they are worth also has to do with the width of the rims. It is getting harder to find 7 inch wide slotted mags. the ones in the pic look like 6's. I bought some on ebay a month ago for 198.00 us. Paid more than I would have liked to ,but I'm trying to get this car done. They also had nice center caps. I would imagine 175 to 225 would be a reasonable expectation

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