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Couple questions


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Ok, a few problems. We were putting in a new reluctor on our distributer and we dropped a small screw down into the distributer. We had to take it out to get the screw out. When doing this we are not sure if we got it back into the right position (the right way or 180 degrees off. It did not cause any major problems, but when we were checking our timing, we discovered that at the time we are supposed to see the notch, the notch is on the exact opposite side. Is this what would happen if the distributer was turned 180 degrees,or are there any other suggestions on what might be causing this.

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Your car would run like it was on 4 cylinders if you are out 180 degrees.

Best way to check that all is well is to bring the motor to TDC on No1 cylinder (being both valves are closed) and the rotor button should be pointing genrally towards the LHS headlight. Check this with the Dizzy Cap and that it is aligned with No1 plug lead.

It is easy to get it 180 degree out and the car will start but as I said before it will run like a dog.


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