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Parts for Sale: Strut Tubes, Master Cylinder, Seat Belts, Suspension Arms, Etc.

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Strut Tubes, Master Cylinder, Seat Belts, Suspension Arms, Etc.

I have a bunch of 240z / 260z, and 280z parts for sale. I am just trying to clear my garage of clutter.


Toyota big brake spacers - Techno Toy Tuning for 280z hubs $85, Generic for 280z hubs $65

Rear strut housings for late 260z - 280z $150 for the set. Note: these front and rears can fit 240z's but need some modifications. They are larger diameter and a bit stronger than 240z stock parts, could be great for coil over conversions...

Front strut housings for late 260z - 280z $150 for the set

Front disk brake backing plates $60 for the set (I have 2 sets)

Rear drum brake backing plates with hardline, pads, brake cylinder, etc. $100

Rear control arms - painted and have good outer poly bushings with only a couple thousand miles $120 for set

Front control arms complete with new (only a couple thousand miles) MOOG ball joints and full poly bushings. $160 for set

Master cylinder new in box $50

280z Hubs with bearings, studs, and bolts $80 for pair note: 280z hubs fit 240z spindles and are stronger than 240z hubs but do need 280z rotors or 280z spacers for big brake kits.

1x 280z hub with bearings, studs, and bolts $40

240z radiator with good hoses $40

Engine block E42 (240z) empty no pistons... Free, come pick it up

Seat belts with 3x shoulder straps from 240z $150

Seat belts Corbeau 4pt street legal - only 1 year old with few miles $175

OEM wood like steering wheel $200


All prices are OBO, and much of this will be listed on eBay as well. Let me know if you have any questions.


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