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1973 air cleaner bolts


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I've been looking at this 1973 flat top air cleaner(I am running webers but the flat top setup came as spare parts with the car) and there are 3 wing bolts that hold down the top of the air cleaner. The center bolt screws into the base housing, but the two outside bolts don't have anything to screw into and don't even reach the base housing. Since I have never seen this air cleaner attached, what are the two outside wing bolts supposed to screw into? Thanks, Victor.

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On my '72, there are only two wingnut bolts for the air cleaner. Each wingnut bolt screws into a hex extension (14mm?) that is about 1" in extension length with 1/2" screw length and secures the air cleaner base into one side of each carb.



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Even though the 72 has a different air cleaner, that sounds like what I was thinking had to be there, but unfortunately I would bet a fitting like that would be hard to come by in the hardware store. I'd better try to get to some junkyards. Thanks, Victor.

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