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i love these cars!!!


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hehehehehehe:love: !!!!!! wow, i forgot how much fun these things are to drive! that's what has been causing my absense, out playing around! well, a small update for everyone....

my father and i bought a 73 240Z that we were planning on dropping a 327 into, but, the passeneger side is GONE along with the strut towers. so, we are parting it out. interior is immaculate, and includes an extra dashboard, 15" alloy rims, extra head (E-88), hubcaps, a bunch of other stuff. anyone need anything? the doors and fenders are clean, the doors are from a 71. if anyone needs some parts (other than the rims, 4spd, and a couple of others that i am keeping), let me know, and we can work something out. otherwise, parts are going onto ebay!

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the dash in the car w/gauges is in MINT condition from what i saw (no cracks above the gauges, still has all it's luster, etc, etc.), and there is another dash out of the car that is also in great shape, but without the gauges. i already promised the tach (if it works) to my buddy here, so that wouldn't be included, unless you want a bum tach.... would probably be pretty expensive to ship, i live in Rochester NY if you'd rather pick it up....

are the hubcaps you are talking about the ones with the "D" in the middle of them? i'm willing to ship to you out there, but, it would probably cost both arms, and most of your right leg!

i'll post pics of parts if people would like...?

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Would you be able to email the pics of them to me at [email protected]. You US guys seem to have lots of different Z caps with a D in the middle :).

I can't imagine shipping costing too much more than an arm, or maybe a firstborn child, so It may be worth the money/

Cheers Chris

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