Packing for a road Trip- Car Show

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    Before we start the summer cruising & car show season, I was wondering how to pack the stuff you'll need for a drive & car show.  I may want to get a different plastic tub or re-arrange what's in the car to properly store or carry all the needed things.  I probably have a good idea what I'll want or need, buy this is a discussion forum, so let's get discussting...   Oops- discussing. 🙂

    The road Trip:

    I'll Presume you have the mechanicals in good condition, with good or fresh brake pads, tyres, and any other consumables, like the oil and air filter, wiper blades, etc. 

    I'd start the list with some spare parts, such as the V-belt for the water pump, and maybe 1 or 2 spare spark plugs.  Fuses are standard spares and are always in the tool bin, as well as are a spare radiator, fuel filler, and valve cover cap, booster cables, and an air pump.   Then you'll want a bottle of oil (as much a you'll need for the round-trip- DON'T presume you can just buy some!) and some extra brake fluid.

    For the car show stuff:

    • 12V Vacuum cleaner
    • Unless you know for SURE there will be a car wash available, I'd suggest some waterless car wash, with a couple extra micro-fibre cloths
    • Bottle of detailer (or spray wax?)
    • Bottle of (ugh) tyre shine (even though tyres aren't supposed to be shiny)
    • glass cleaner ( I use an empty hairspray pump bottle, well-rinsed)
    • wheel cleaner (brake dust cleaner)
    • lemon-scented furniture polish (for engine area)
    • all-purpose cleaner (tar-remover)
    • detailing brushes
    • wheel/spoke  brush

    My goal is to keep the number of items to a minimum, and prepare the car for show.  If you want snacks or personal items like hand wipes, that' your choice;  this list is only for car shows.

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    Coolers are used to store food for eating and drinking.  You don't rub food or drink onto your car for a car show.  This topic is to discuss the minimum  number of things you need to prepare your car at a car show.

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    We have been discussing this on the MeGuiar's detailing forum, with some success and we have really reduced the "bottle-count." 

    The only large thing I'll be carrying is the vacuum cleaner and a water-squirter for washing off dirt from the lower areas.


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