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50th Z anniversary domed stickers and postcard

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Z profiles : flat or domed.

The flat versions are available in black or white text and profile : US$3 each

Dimensions : 105mm long, 50mm above the sun and 25mm over the car-roof.


Postage is free !

The intricately styled domed profile versions (2mm thickness) are smaller at 65mm at longest (car length) and 30mm at highest (above the red sun) and with the same 2mm thickness.

And why not a laurel-leaved circuler 'badge' version too :

great detailing and with a choice of diameters, 50mm or 60mm, they are durable fun additions for this, the Zs' golden birthday year !

All the domed sticker versions are US$5 each.

Postage is free !

Postcards (minimum 3x) : US$2 each

Postage is free ! 

For larger quantities (ie +3), please PM me for reasonnable postage rates.

Mixed orders welcome and group shipping assured.

Payment accepted via paypal (as a gift between friends).

THis is merely a way of us clawing some money back on our recent indoor stand costs and only possible at these prices through the very good commercial contacts of our club secretary, David.




Post card 944.jpg

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Hiya and thanks.

They stick anywhere on a flat surface on the outside (as opposed to adhesive on the image side to be stuck on the inside of windows) but probably not so visible on so large a vehicle. I dunno, toolbox, fridge....maybe even a Z ? !

Have agreat weekend.


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