[SOLD] Centerline Wheels (Fake) Westerns, 14" Very Nice

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    I have an extremely nice set of 14"  Western wheels, we will refer to them as fake Centerlines.   They have Pirelli tires on them however, the car sat for years and while the tires look good, I suspect they are square from sitting and have some cracking.  I have not driven the car with them on it, so we will assume they are no good.  I am asking $350 for the wheels with lugs which include a lock lug and all center-caps.  Shipping will be based on your location.  If you don't want the tires its $350 if you want the tires its $350... you get the picture.  Obviously shipping will be more with the tires.  I have proper rim boxes to ship the bare rims to you.   These rims are straight!  On one or two there are very minor nicks in them.   See the pics.  These would ship from NE Florida.  Jay






    IMG_1422 (1).jpg





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    28 minutes ago, newbzee said:

    How much if shipped to 16137

     Would say $80 for the wheels, if it’s less I will refund the difference

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