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Motorsport rebuilt brake calipers

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I've spent the past few weeks replacing suspension parts on my '80ZX(bushings/shocks/front wheel bearings/brake pads&rotors/ball joints and tie rod ends).


Before I put the car on the jackstands, I noticed more heat than usual being generated by the passenger front hub(hotter than it should be when touching the wheel after driving)


I have discovered after putting it all back together(bled the brake system) that I have a sticky caliper. No big, they are pretty much plug and play. I tried replacing the original ones with the ones from my '82 parts car, but they are pretty crusty and generally in poor shape, so I need to get some new ones.


I've bought an ignition control module and the master bushing kit from Motorsport, and the parts are perfectly good. Great service too.


I have no doubt that their rebuilt calipers are of the same quality as the other stuff I've gotten from them.


I'm just curious if anyone else has these calipers and are satisfied with them.


Of course, family comes first, and cars 2nd, but I'm 2 calipers away from having the car back on the road after missing out on a this summer driving weather. Probably pulling the trigger when I get back home from a trip visiting the in laws in high desert Idaho.


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