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NISMO 5-speed trans for sale or trade


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I've got a NISMO 5-speed, number NMCD 2# for sale, best I can tell its the option 2 box which has a tall 1st gear (the same gearing as 2nd speed in the standard 4-speed 240z box), then decently spaced 2-5 gears, with 5th being a 1:1. 2nd gear is very close to 1st. 1st gear is on a dogleg pattern to the left so that 2-5 is a standard H pattern, very trick!

$700 or trade for cash and parts listed below:

1 early hood with hinges (must be straight and dent free, paint not a concern)

1 rear hatch 70-73, w/glass, seal and lock (or at least lock) also must be straight

Toyota 4x4 front brake calipers

3.70 or 3.90 rear diff and related parts necessary to install

Alternator mounting bracket(s)

All of this is going on a track car so I really just "freshening" the car for my purposes. If you want this trans, email me and let me know what you've got. Thanks

Eric aka Zmunkey

[email protected]

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After much research, counting turns on the gears and checking to see if the synchros were steel, I've come to the conclusion that its actually a 77-81 720 truck transmission, box #1 specifically. The gearing is almost identical to my 73 4-speed, but it adds a .78 to 1 overdrive 5th gear. This will work better for my needs for Auto-x so I doubt now that I'll sell it. Needs= low 1st and 2nd gearing with a 3.90, and I still get good top end speed for track work with the OD vs. 1 to 1 4th gear.

Thanks everyone for the help!

Eric aka ZMunkey

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