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Gas tank preservation


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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep my gas tank clean and rust free while I restore my car. I took the tank off and drained it. Now it's sitting on the shelf. I was wondering, if I do nothing will it rust on the inside? What should I do?

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don't close it up so it can vent. If you dumped all the fuel out it will be fine, if you store it in a garage. I dont know if you hunt , but when you go into a vary cold envirement you never want to take the firearms into the cabin or whatever , and then back out side . the rapid change in the temp will cause condinsation and will freeze when you go back to the cold. Same thing applies here , condsation shouldent be a problem because the temp change is slow, and if vented it will be fine.:classic: If you are concerned do as was posted and spray the ol WD another thing you could do is slosh in some Marvel to coat and drain out, good for the engine too when you fill er up.

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