Hard start. Triple webers

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Good evening guys,  

So I'm back for more help.  It's almost time to drive my 240z for the first time, but the clutch is stuck to the flywheel.  You might remember me.  I'm the guy who bought the 72 with a seized engine(that I got unstuck).  I'm here because the engine has a really hard time running when engine cold.   It's about 60 degrees in Chicago now .  So it will start and revs to about 2500 for 2 seconds and shut off, try again and again the same thing.  Over and over and over again for about 5 minutes.  I'm messing with the throttle the whole time.   After a few minutes of that , it runs and idle great!  Other that a slight bog when I blip off idle.


Sorry for the long story, just want to give some background.  Thanks in advance guysreceived_1660962347299996.jpegreceived_1660962453966652.jpeg

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Hi Rio24,

I can't help with tuning and synchronizing multi carbs as I am learning myself. From the picture I see you have a mechanical fuel pump. I know an electric fuel pump with a fuel regulator helps a lot. It will never be as good a modern car with with fuel injection and a computer. When the car sits for a while fuel evaporates from the carburetor and it take a while for the mechanical fuel pump to get enough gas to carbs.

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