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I was curious as to which early Z makes the 'best' daily driver and weekend warrior. I'm still shopping for the perfect car, and knowing this would give me more direction in my search. Currently, I'm infatuated with the one and only 240, as a car nut and intermediate mechanic I'm familiar with all the systems on the car; aka carburetors and mechanical systems. The 260 and 280 both keep the general body style though, and although I don't know much about EFI, I could learn if I needed to; I'm not a big fan of electronics. Since all these models are available pre '78 (the magic historic plate cutoff in AZ) they are all within my 'smog excempt' window of 25 years (AZ listers correct me if I'm wrong).


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IMHO (qualification for expressing opinion; owned 2 240s, worked on the missus' 260 (now ex) (car as well as woman, dammit) and now own a US 280Z converted to triples and RHD)

any of the "240Z shape" are just great, just drive them and enjoy!

SU's suck ! (well they are carbs, after all!) witness all those orrible old british sporties with them (I know, I have owned most of them)

2+2s are just plain ugly, Jaguar proved that years ago with the E-type 2+2.

as for 240-snobbery, who gives a F.. whether your 240 has hatch vents, throttle knob, etc???

I have to admit to even quite liking the 280ZX coupes!

300s are nasty in any form.

350? well they made a fuss about the 300 when it first came out , too!!! as for a V-6, talk about charisma bypass. what was wrong with the wonderful Nissan straights (240, Godzilla)??

so go on, make my day and disagree,


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Do you mind sacraficing a few comforts for alot more fun? Do you want a good balance?

I have daily driven 2 280zxs, 240z, and 78 280z.

My favorite by far is the fumes in cockpit, loud exhaust, roll down the windows, light on its feet, nimble, 240z.

However the 280z is smother riding when you have to encounter certain bumpy roads but feels different, but feels good with a/c and all that and still turns heads.

The 280zx was really great, smooth, still had plenty of grunt, just felt more proper. The t-top version is way fun for that cruise, I still miss that alot.

If you are gonna be taking that girl out the 280zx and 280z are good.

I have trouble taking the girl in the 240z cause she has no taste for a loud exhaust or messy hair. Plus I am prone to driving the car faster than I should. THe fume thing ain't so bad on my car, but i have heard in some cars it can be.

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