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Ready-to-Use Templates for the S30 Heater-Blower Foam Gaskets

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A few years ago, I was in the middle of restoring the heater/blower system for my 70.  All of the foam gaskets were shot, so I made tracings and used them to fabricate replacements from foam sheet.  My approach involved making paper cut-outs that I could glue to the foam sheet and then use as a guide for cutting out the shapes and punching the holes.   I didn't want to risk malking a mistake with my original tracings, so I scanned them into .pdf files and then used those to print out the pieces that I eventually glued to the foam.  I ended up with a library of .pdf files for all of the system's gaskets.  I posted these as part of a how-to article, but another member recently contacted me to say that they won't download any more.  For that reason, I'm re-posting them here.  Hope they can help someone else with their restoration.   They should come out of your printer in 1:1 scale.

For most of these gaskets, I recommend that you use the 1mm-thick closed-cell neoprene foam sheets that you can buy at crafts stores like Michaels.  These sheets already have adhesive on one side, so they're very easy to use.  You'll probably need at least a dozen sheets (maybe more). 

You'll need something thicker and softer to make the pads for the big airflow control flaps.  I recommend 1/4"-thick open-cell foam.  They need to be covered with thin, soft vinyl sheet.

The foam that lines the plenum box for the centre air outlet grill is intended to reduce airflow noise.  It needs to be made from open-cell foam (1/8"-thick).

240Z 1970-71 Series 1 - HVAC Foam Gasket Templates.zip

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