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CARBS - Flat top type and starting a long dead Z


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I have not worked with SU's befor and I need help getting my z started. after it has been sitting for 13 years. Car was running great when it was parked. The book I have has no info on trouble shooting it not starting. All fule pumps are working (electriccal and mech) I checked the dampers and the oil seems low. What should I do... No I will not sell it yet.

1. What oil do you put into the carbs the book calls for something called everyman oil. what the heck it that and what is the current replacement for it.

2. How much should I put in. There does not seem to be a measure stick or line on it. Please note that they are not dry just low on the oil.

3. I put a few gallons of new gas into the tank and sloshed it around then drained it out. Varnish city. I also pumped new fule through the fule lines to clean them out.

4. Any help in general with getting the car started would be of great help.


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Drain the oil and change the filter , after y ou get her started and drive about 500 miles do it again. Before starting pull the pluggs and squirt about a teasoon full of marvel Mistery oil in the cylinders and let set for overnight if you can , withe the pluggs out and the oil changed to fresh spin the engine about 10 revolutions , let the starter cool and repeat this two more times. Put in the pluggs and start the engine and watch the oil pressure gague. As for the oil in the carbs I use 20w oil I get from the cycle shop. As soon as you can replace the carbs with round top SUs. You need to get a uni-sun to ballance the carbs . It measures the air flow on each one so they can be in ballance , this is a must. $25. 00 at the parts store , speed shop , section or a cycle shop. You can pour in some engine oil to top off the carbs just add about a tea spoon full to each one. Good Luck Gary

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Thanks for the info I have already done the things you suggested. My problem is that the carbs are or seem to be empty of the oil needed in them. The book calls for SAE20 oil to be used. But does not state how much to use. Current issue is that the fuel does not seem to be getting to the cylinders through the carbs. I have good fuel flow through the electrical and mech pumps. So I am not sure if it is just a problem with the oil being missing from the carbs or if the carbs need to be completely rebuilt.

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