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4 Z's for $1000


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Just bought 4 Z's last week for $1000. Talked the guy down from $100, $300, $700, and $1000 respectively.

From worst to best (and following the above pricing):

1977: Rusty--and in really bad places, Auto...not much redemming value. Sold the suspension at all four corners for Ground Control cores and the brakes to a C production racer (needed 280 rear drums) for $100. Took the 'puter, harness and all fuse, ignition and relay blocks along with the complete intake and AFM for me. White interior but totally trashed. Took it to the crusher yesterday.

1981: Rusty but with a 5-speed. Nice 15" alloy American Racing wheels complete with bolt covers. Brought it home this morning and opened the hood for the first time. Engine has never been effed with. Totally stock and spotless. 169,000 miles. P79/F54, so this should be flattops, no? I will get it running while in the car and then pull it for transplant in a 240 and install N42 and keep the injection (and lose a few smog controls...) According to the tranny cal-q-later, should be a 3.90. Will pull the entire drivetrain and harness and CRUSH! Death to all 280ZX's!!!! Didn't notice the interior...

1973: F54/P79 installed with double Weber side draft's and K&N filters. Still a 4-speed. Gold mesh 14" Enkeis (one slightly curbed). Hit in front right. Fender removed and PO pulled out the frame damage somehow. Impact snapped the rack. Interior completely trashed. Fat sway bars, lowering springs with nice struts (won't re-use the struts). No rear sway bar. Bumpers removed.

1973: E88/P30 Totally completely stock--with round-tops. Pillar and firewall number match, engine and bay tag match. Huh? Interior worn, Driver's door hit, rusty in the usual places--but not too bad. Has a (rear-oriented) rear sway bar and Electric fuel pump insatalled

Here's the problem: I was originally going to keep only the latter 73 for my next 'project' (instalation of hot FI L28 and some mild body touches). But now that I have them home, on closer inspection, the hit 73 has amost zero rust! But I don't want a car that crabs! What to do? What to do?

Pictures at 11.


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