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Round top 3 Screw Carbs from 240z

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That's been done soooooo many times, 280 EFI goes bad and people swapped to SUs. a lot of 240s have 2.8 block and head combo and run carbs. The carbeurators are so easy to richen up you won't have any trouble in my opinion.

Google "quick and dirty SU tuning classiczcars.com", save that then when you switch you'll have some good basic info to get them right.

Keep us posted with the build. I have an F54 ZX block just begging to get in my 240 but I'm lazy and the 2.4 block runs fine for me. Too many police around. 

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I put an aluminium flywheel on my 2.4 with an early E88, small valves. I went ahead and notched the block while I was there because I have an E31 head with big valves like your N42. Cam kit and all that jazz but honestly I'm enjoying the light flywheel higher revving enough that the cam installation on the E31 has fallen to the bottom of "need to do" list. And as I said before we have way too many cops patrolling the streets in my small town. That's how they're making the money around here.

More displacement with the 2.8 block and bigger valve N42 head. If your bored I'd go for it. Some day soon I hope do the same.

Hey I know a good page you should read. datsungarage.com

That will answer a lot of questions. Cliff

Another good read is member Diseazed's builds. He has 5 or 6 240s with hot rodded ZX motors and loves them. Google "Diseazed build classiczcars.com". I think that'll get you there.

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