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Does this guy know what he is writing about


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There is an article on the 350z in today's motoring section of the West Australian.

The article is written by Johnathan Hawley of The Age who starts his well researched view by stating " The Nissan 350z that went on sale a month or so ago carries a lot of baggage, mainly centered around four or five models carrying the same Z in their name. (good to see that his extensive research enabled him to know when the 350z was launched here and how many cars had the letter Z in their designation:stupid:

He then goes on to say that some of these Z cars were ok,(something of an understatement Johnathan! have you ever seen a 240z or read any of it's history) some reportedly were frankly horrible.

The comment on the interior reads " The interior does all the right things by the driver but the look is mainly dull grey plastic (what car isn't mainly plastic in this day and age) he also comments that it wasn't very exiting (a bit like your article mate, what were you expecting, disco lights, cinema screen, spa bath?)

I finished reading this article and couldn't help but wonder if this guy knew what a 240/260z looked like or that the 350z was even inspired by the classic 240z in many respects.

Whilst the article does sing the car's praises on many fronts, it would have been nice to read something from someone who appeared to have at least some knowledge of the car's lineage.



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At least you get a motoring reporter who has some interest in cars, we have a female reporter who gives a chicks comments about cars, and you get comments like hard to drive in high heeled shoes, and difficult to apply makeup with the rearview mirror. They are factors I really consider when buying a car ROFL

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