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Wanted: 240z in L.A....


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Hi, looking for a good condition 240z with a strong running engine, minimal rust and good interior. I'm thinking of painting it black with new MSA fron and other new parts, so paint is not an issue.....thanks!:beard:

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I have an early 71 with a 350 tpi and 700r4 done the right way. The 350 replaced a 305 conversion, it is a crate motor. Only mobil synthetic since install. Runs perfect, set up with a low numerically rear end for great gas mileage about 20-22 avg and quick starts. Not blindingly fast because of the rearend but that is easily fixable, I just dont want to roast the tires, I just wanted something that will go fast and look stock. Interior is excellent, replaced the rear hatch with a later one without the vents because of the fume issue. Needs paint to be perfect. I call it a 20 footer at 20 ft it looks excellent but at 2 you see the little imperfections. 4500 firm.


Car is located in oceanside CA. give me a yell if interested.


71 hybrid 350 tpi/700r4

70 rh drive ugggglllyyyy

71 stock getting finished.

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