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Ignition leads Ohms


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I'm trying to figure out if my ignition leads are stuffed, and am using a multi-meter to check the ohms in the leads, which i was told i was supposed to check... I checked the leads by taking off both plugs and using the needles to against the metal part of the leads...

they have come back quite irregular, with readings, 11,11,8,7,9,9

and the lead from the coil to the distributer being only like 3,

Not sure if that is supposed to be like that, but i would assume the longer leads have a differant resistance or whatever its called, I'm not a electrician, and no basically jack all about electronics, so just asking what should i be checking for and if i am even checking the right thing, as i am reading ohms, i can read for voltage and amps, on the multi-meter, but i was told that ohms what the way to go...

any help here would be help, as i'm getting a slight staggering, feels like a slight miss, like timing, but timing is set perfectly, only acceleration and trying to work out where it is coming from, as i'm pretty sure its electrical, as the carbs are sync (240z carbs) and i've tested diffearnt mixtures with no prevail....

I've got a 280zx dizzy with 280zx coil, the leads are recently new, not sure about the coil to dizzy one, as i don't really remember buying a new one of those, also the plugs are quite new also..

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