Ipod aux mod for 280z radio

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The sound quality is what you'de expect from a 1978 radio but it IS stereo. All you need is a 5 pin din cable and a toggle switch to change power + in for input sources.

Take the bottom side off and you will see a "C" on the pcb. This is the power in for aux. You will have to cut the blue power + in at the harness where it goes into the radio and

wire it thru the toggle switch.  When you flip the switch, you send power to the aux in side. Switch it the other way you send power to the tuner.

You will have to find a place to put the aux in jack and the toggle switch. There are some replacement cigarette lighters (for us non smokers) that have a usb ja

Some quirks to this,  like the volume control on the ipod/iphone is more precise than the radio volume knob and the radio dial is not lit up.

Put some decent speakers on this and it should sound much better than the earlier mono radio's.

This will only work on the late s30 radio's and probably 280zx radio's that have the 5 pin din. These radio's were set up to have a tape deck connected via the din plug

and this mod uses the tape deck input jack. On the 280zx radio's I am not sure if the circuit board is the same as the kms-2411z so be careful.  I am using din pin #3 to feed power in for aux.

Out of curiosity i tried another radio i had and the sound was a bit better. Less crackling and muffled.  I think the capacitors on these old radio's really need to be replaced to get the best sound out of this 1978 technology.


Edit:  I take no responsibilty for someone wiring this up wrong and their radio blows up!








Edit #2:  Just remembered that they make an aux jack with shunts built into it. This could be used to toggle between aux and tuner and there would be no need for a toggle switch.



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crap, just noticed i posted this in the wrong area. Can someone please move this into the s30 interior or electrical  area?

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