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Remounting Differential, Drive Shaft and Half Shafts

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I am ready to remount the Differential but need advice on what Thread Sealant, Perma-Lock or Anti-Seize that I should use on attaching the Rear Diff cover and bolts on reattaching Drive Shaft and Half Shafts.



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The gasket alone, dry, should be fine on the cover.  On the bolts, make sure that there are no burrs on the mating surfaces from past lock washer damage, clean them up, scrape off damaged paint (Nissan clamped directly on fresh paint but it tends to chip off after disassembly.) and don't use any thread locker.  Make sure the lock washers are in good shape.  But new ones if you're not sure.

Some of us (me for sure, I think others) put a spongy material in the cover vent to stop oil droplets from leaving and oiling up the diff.  You might consider it while its apart.

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Thanks! I have all new bolts and washers for the Diff, Drive Shaft and Half Shafts. I will take your advice on the sponge material in the cover vent.

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