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engine or turbo??

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Hey guys, i just purchased my first Z , and we all know i want to start modding it after i tune it up and and clean it. i was hoping for some insite about the car. its a 1978 280Z non-turbo FI. Just wondering wut kind of 1/4 mile times, 0-60 times and hp and torque ratings it has stock. Also wut is the best way to go, get all the parts to turbo it, or go all engine (intake, ignition, plug wires, exhaust, header, pistons, cam, maybe bore, etc.)

Thanx for all ur input

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Thanx Ivan!

I could still use a couple other Z owners opinions about anything havin to do wit moddin up my 280z.

I'm not sure if this is correct but i found these numbers for a 1978 280z coupe on www.zhome.com. are these numbers reliable??

78 Z (5 spd) 0-60 8.0 [email protected] --- top speed-121 [email protected] Ft/[email protected] curb weight=2780lbs

please give me ur guys popinions on the mods and the numbers

Thanx alot


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