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replacing floors with new sheetmetal


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would paint and rubber undercoating do ok? or should i do por15 or something?

I'm having a bodyshop weld in new floors for my car and was wondering if I should bother with stuff like por15 on new metal, as I've heard it doesnt like new metal all that much.

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When applying POR15 you must follow the directions and prep the metal with thjeir degreaser "Marine Clean" and then treat the metal with their "Metal Ready" product that etchs the metal and applies a coating which makes "new, unrusted metal" ready for the POR15 process. When this is done POR15 will adhere to "new, unrusted metal" just fine.

To answer your question on IF you should do this, I'll ask you a question. How long are you going to keep this car? If you will not be keeping it for a long time, then you can get away without POR; if you are going to keep this car for the LONG haul, spend the extra bucks to permanently protect the investment you are making in new floors. Don't cut corners if you are into the car for the long haul. Just my opinion.

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Have them do the welding and to make sure it is water tight. Take it home and do the prep and application of POR yourself. unless you have a lot of money and want them to do it all. If you're doing POR, you don't need paint. POR is applied to completely BARE metal and it is a paint itself. You could apply undercoating to the POR treated floorpans if you want.

On my car I did POR on both underside and inside of the floorpans. If you are big on the Rhino-stuff you could use it, but make sure that it sticks firmly to the metal and does not allow moisture to get underneath to the metal. I think I'd POR the insid and then do the Rhino, but that is just my opinion. I'd want to be SURE that he floorpans stay in perfect condition.

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Msa sells floor panels for like a 100 a piece. I would just buy them it is going to be easier then having to cut the metal and these will fit right in. I myself just sheet metaled over the rust holes but im broke. If I were you I would buy the floor panels and just get a buddy or some one with a spot welder to weld it in. The shop will probably charge alot to take out the old floor boards and cut new ones to put them in.

Frankenstein Z

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Originally posted by Datto-Zed

inline4: How much is it costing you to both buy the new floor pan sections and have them welded in?

I have to buy the floors from a guy in Virginia.. the car is a 510.

I'm going to jack the car up today and try and pull some of the undercoat off to see what condition the car is in.

as far as welding, its wishy washy. one of my customers at work runs a bodyshop. he said probably 4 hours of work. so 50 an hour = 200 for the labor. does 4 hours sound right? or should it take more time?

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