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I have a jacuzzi!


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Was tearing stuff out on the interior today and I guess the seal around the hatch leaks and my spare tire well was full of water :-)

Wifey yelled about the towels, bah, threw em in the wash for her what more could she ask for?! bah :stupid:

can anyone point me to a pic of an orangish color stock interior fpr reference please? It doesnt seem to look like the butterscotch color ive seen, mine seems to be metallic.

also, my speedo starts at 10, my oil pressure gauge only goes to 90, are these original gauges? :ermm:

p.s. please excuse my typing, i wear a brace and my fingers dont move quite right or in the order they are supposed to sometimes :-)

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Thats not cardboard - its factory applied tar - it should be on the floor of the whole trunk area also -- along with under the front carpet. - if it peels off easy its probably because rust has started under it.

- Jeff

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Originally posted by nutxo

is that cardboard thing in the bottom under the tire supposed to be able to come out? It seems to be painted down.

I believe that you are referring to the "tar-mat" material that was adhered to the metal by the factory as a sound deadner and insulator. It was adhered to the metal and then painted over.

It is supposed to be firmly affixed to the metal. HOWEVER, after 20+ years and with moisture in many cars this material is loose, and worse yet; traps moisture next to the metal and actually accelerates the rust process.

If you wish your 240Z to survive, you must stop the water leak and stop any rust existing in the spare wheel well. The well is not available as a replacement part, you'd have to cut one out of a junk car (if you can find a good one) and weld in into your car. MAJOR $$$ and grief.

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