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messed up rockers


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A few days ago i went to my favorite auto parts store to replace the distributor for my 76 280 (they got it to me same day! I ordered at 9:30 am and had it by 1:00 pm!) ANyways, I put it in and pop pop stutter yadd ayadda, so im thinkin wtf! It was running better with the old part.

I run through everyhting, I bring it up to tdc and confirm #1 and then check my wires, all okay. I short out the thign and reset my timing its okay but when i take off pop pop stutter yadd ayadda.

So I start checkin for spark, all good. Then I chek my cylinders, 2 dead!, I have spark, I have fuel everythign was good a few dasy ago, I pull off my valve cover and I have one rocker arm floppin in the breeze and another set where the valve cant close all the way!

Now Im trying to figure out how exactly to get the one rocker back in place without takin the tower apart and how to properly adjust these things. Someone said to order the tool and Im thinkin, a screwdriver, feelers and a few wrenches are all ive ever needed before. Is there a tool ? If not where can i git info on the right way to adjust them please?

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If I remember correctly MSA has the spring compressor. I also remember it wasn't cheap. You might be able to get away using a large screwdriver, using the cam as a lever push the valve spring down far enough to put the rocker back on. First make sure you turn down the bolt used to adjust the gap. It's the one on the passenger side that has a bald round head. A 17mm wrench will loosen the lock nut and a 14mm will turn down the bolt. Also make sure you lash pad is still in place. From there you will need your manual to properly adjust all your valve clearances.

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yeh, Im gonna go to the poor mans tool crib, the local harbor frieght :-p, mebbe Ill score, if not I have another local source. If all else fails Ill fabricate something.

p.s. all the troubles and it still doesnt run but i still think its cool as hell out ther ein the garage ::love:

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