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Fog/driving lights- Rectangular or Circular?


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Thanks to Alan T, I discovered that our 240Z bumpers have two pre-drilled hole underneath them for the mounting of fog lights.

See picture below, courtesy of Alan, of position of holes for the optional fiog lamps.


Now my question is, can anyone else share any pictures of their own driving/fog light set up. I am unsure whether to go for the rectangular lights as above or to go for the circular variety.


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I went in to your gallery and found the picture. They look great, in fact your whole car looks great. I hadnt thought of yellow lenses, but the compliemnt your car very well. The mods are nice too.

Thank you, I think the rectangular lights might look more tasteful then big round ones under there.. Must find some big round ones on a Z to be sure.

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thanks for the opinion.. I am leaning towards the rectangular ones too, as I think they look more aesthetically pleasing then the huge circular ones..

I was originally hoping the big old round ones would look ok as I found a real nice classic chromed pair of those real cheap.

Well, the rectangular ones it is and I will try to get yellow if possible.

Thanks guys and a special thanks to SFMRZ, for sharing his sweet looking ride with us. :)

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Here's my little round ones.. you can see them just poking out!

My old Z had more rectangular style ones.. with a chrome finish on the front.. that looked really nice.. but on this Z I much prefer these lights! (my old Z was more 'original' styled)

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Here's the larger image:


Here's the smaller image:


I went for a small pointy oval. I felt it complemented the headlight covers and the overall look.


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