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Throttle Rod Boot


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You can remove the link to the accelerator pedal from inside the cabin by gently pulling on the ball/joint connection. Then you can remove the linkage assembly inside the engine compartment and pull the rod to the pedal.


If I recall properly, there is a duplicate ball/joint connection on the engine side of the firewall. Remove the cap over the ball gently and replace the boot.

You're probably worrying about the ball /joint connection. You're right to be cautious. 30 year old plastic can be brittle and easy to crack. There is a pair of pliers specifically made to remove windshield wiper arms from those shafts that have them pressed on instead of screwed or bolted on. If you have access to one of those, use that. Barring that you can insert the nose end of a pair of needle nose pliers slightly spread apart, so that the jaws straddle the ball. Then with a screwdriver use the needle nose pliers to lever against, and that should get you to separate the ball/joint.

Now if you're really, REALLY paranoid about the plastic in the cup cracking, you CAN use a hair dryer to heat it up and therefore soften it. DO NOT USE A HEAT GUN! Too many times people assume that if a little heat is good, MORE heat is better. Not true in all cases, and in this case you will more than likely distort and RUIN the ball cap, so that it will not GRIP the ball on the end of the rod. Remember, just ENOUGH heat to soften, not enough to distort.

By the way, get some K-Y Jelly or some RUBBER SAFE lubricant, and lube the end of the boot where it will mate up to the firewall, as well as the other end where it will clamp on the throttle. This will allow you to insert the rubber boot easily, and will not dry it out like petroleum jelly or some other petroleum based grease.

Hope this helps.

Enrique Scanlon

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As long as the opening through the firewall is in good condition, is flat and hasn't been oversized to where the boot wouldn't make proper contact and seat, I wouldn't add adhesive to it.

That said, IF you feel that the added bit of adhesive will seal better, ensure that it never comes off, etc, go for it.

Personally, whenever I have doubts as to the mechanical ability of something to grip, clamp or otherwise keep something as it needs to stay in order to function properly, I will use any means I have or can devise in order to maintain that function.

In the case of this boot, it's only purpose is to make a weatherproof seal on the throttle shaft through the firewall. The shaft shouldn't be extending so far into the engine compartment that it would overextend the boot to the point where it would pull out of the hole, if it is, the most likely cause of that is that you've not slipped the rod far enough through the boot. Remember, when there is no pressure on the accelerator pedal, that boot could actually be COMPRESSED from it's normal state, such that when fully extended (when you've floored the pedal), at best it's extended to a "full" reach. Don't forget that rubber is less forgiving when overextended than when it's compressed.


By the way, you could also put a nylon cable zip tie on the end of the boot to "lock" it in place on the rod and to really grip it.

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