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Datsun Artwork on aluminum - 240ZG

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Hi guys,

I'd like to extend the opportunity to purchase some of my automotive artwork via a group buy, at a discounted rate. My latest illustration is a Datsun 240ZG that is printed on a sheet of brushed aluminum. The beauty of this process allows you to actually see the texture of the brushed aluminum, where typically you would see any white color on a paper on canvas print. The piece measures 2 feet by 8 inches tall, and comes with a wooden mount that allows you to mount it directly to any wall. You also have the option of selecting either a matte or glossy finish to the whole print.

I have worked out a deal with my printer that allows me to offer a discounted rate on an order of 5 pieces or more. The minimum requirement has already been met via orders from other forums and my online store, so the is no longer a need for a minimum number of orders. 

My regular price for this piece is $120 shipped within the Continental US. The Group Buy price is $84.99 shipped to your door. I can only offer this deal until January 31st of this year. The print is limited to 30 pieces.

PM if you are interested and I will send you the required payment information. 

Production time and shipping
Once payment has been received, the printing and shipping process takes roughly 6-10 combined. Tracking information will be provided.

if you have any questions please feel free to post them here or pm me.

I hope you like my work and thanks for your time!











Also gauging interest in the same exact kind of print, but a narrow body, short nose 240Z:


and for you Porsche fans:


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sign up list for the BRE 240Z

1. Kurbycar32

2. Purchase made outside classiczcars.com

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Wow!!  Looks great man, thanks for sharing and making a special deal for club members...  I just love custom art like this.  Just noticed this is from 2016.  Are you still doing these pieces into 2018?  

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