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Close encounter of the second kind! (350Z)


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Well, I saw my first glimpse at a 350Z driver today.

Saw this car at Uni once, but today I saw it driving! I followed it for a while, until I was side by side at a traffic light. I looked over, and there was this 20-30 year old with glasses and a bit of a tough guy look, staring straight ahead. Hhmmph! I kept looking, waiting for him to turn around so I could give him the thumbs up, but to no avail. As he quietly hummed off around a corner and under a bridge, I felt it was time to go home. :mad:

350Z Driver Type 1: Young businessman who desperately wants to look cool, and knows absolutely nothing about the history of the Z (See also 300ZX Driver type 4, 1989).

Who else can add to this list?

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Very disappointing:disappoin He obviously had no idea of the link between your 240Z and his 350Z.

Personally, I think Nissan should make all aspiring 350Z owners pass a Znology multiple choice test before granting them full Z owner status. I mean you can't just let anyone walk in off the street and buy one.:D

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Had similar experience couple of weeks ago but I think the driver of the 350Z recognised the 240Z as something of prehistoric origin that he no longer wanted to know about.

Felt like a Clint Eastwood movie staring at each other across the intersection not knowing who would draw the thumbs up first.

Maybe I should take the intiative giving him the nod but I just get the feeling that they are not sure where the Zed comes from?::mad: :devious:

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Biker, I will give my thumbs up to any Z driver, PROVIDING they look at me. That tells me they know what I'm driving :)

I will not toot at anyone though, unless they are an early Z driver. I will follow them for as long as it takes before they acknowledge me. :) I get so excited when I see one on the road :love:

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Originally posted by 26ounce

I mean you can't just let anyone walk in off the street and buy one.:D

ROFL Nissan would have a different point of view but I like your Znology test idea.

Question 1- Which finger of which hand do you raise when you spot a fellow 240Z owner?

Nissan friendly hint; Not the middle one.

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I said it ina post a while ago and I will say it again...a new Z owner thinks he has a sports car, but unless he sees the ads and actually looks and respects the older Z's...he has no idea...just another suit in a new flashy car, the new Z really doesn't hold alot of interest for me...apart from a nice comfy commuter...too much luxury (ie weight), not enough sports!!!

Give me a 240 or a 260 anyday!!!

Cheers ppl!

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Obviously, It doesn't matter which continent your on.

I spied a silver 350Z in Glendale, about 1/2 block ahead of me. I sped up, cut a few lanes and pulled up next to him.

No recognition from the 350Z driver, nada, zip.

Ok, screw it. The road opened up ahead of me. I drop her into second and pull away WOT.

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I met up with a guy coming onto 390 while i was in my Z. i sped up and caught up to him, beeped my horn, and he looked at me shocked as hell! some big cheeZy grins and tumbs up later, we both took off doing indian runs and playing tag for the next few miles before he had to get off! that was fun, just about a week after they were released! i had a grin on my face all night...

so, that's another type. a guy who obviously knows another Z when he sees it, and LOVES to play :D

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