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electric fuel pump on 240z 260z?


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I read on Victoria British catalog p73 that 240z and 260z have 2 full pump (1 mécanic & 1 electric). is it exact?

it's not common with carburator!

I suppose there is a relay, which activate the pump when you switch the key and stop if you didn't run the engine, but where is it?

I suppose too that if there is an electric fuel pump, there is a fuel return line to the tank?

On the car i puchase (260Z 2+2 with Janspeed turbo kit), there are no return line (switch off) and i think there are so no fuel pump (probably take off when the kit was assembling).

futhermore when i restart the car (after 3 years), the fuel didn't come easyly to the fuel filter, and i 'd must force fuel on the mecanic pump with a manuel pump to start.

Is the electrique fuel pump important for the engine run with this engine assembly?

if yes i hope the pump is still on the car! because it was expensive

normaly where is the fuel pump, near the tank but where exactly?

Thanks for your answer


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Your European-market car will not necessarily have been built to the same specification as the USA / Canadaian-market cars - so the information that you get from references such as the Victoria British catalogue can sometimes be a little misleading.

If your car was fitted with an electric fuel pump from the Factory, then it will usually be sited next to the Differential - on a bracket that is attached to one of the Transverse Link Mounting Brackets. Take a look under the rear of the car and you ought to be able to see it.

However, as your car seems to have been fitted with the Turbo kit at the Janspeed factory, there is a good chance that an aftermarket electric pump was fitted elsewhere on the car. If it was fitted with just the normal mechanical pump I would expect it to suffer from fuel starvation and vapour lock in high temperatures. That turbine in the engine bay will surely make it very hot under there.

It might be a good idea to get an aftermarket pump and fit it anyway.

Your hard fuel lines - all the way from the rear to the front of the car - are also probably clogged with a mixture of rust and general sludge. I cut off the hard line on my project car and found it absolutely clogged with stuff. Nothing would have shifted that. If your car has been standing for a few years you might need to take a deep breath and remove the fuel tank for a proper flush and reseal. You can check the hard line out too, and replace it completely if in any doubt. Better than suffering endless fuel supply problems in the future.............

So you went ahead and bought the car, eh? I think you will have a lot of work to do to bring it back to roadworthy condition.I still think its worth contacting JANSPEED to ask them some questions and get their recommendations.

Good luck,

Alan T.

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yes i study the question (buy or not buy) i must be crazy:stupid:

But itch time i see the car i hear a little voice from the car tell me (please help me, don't let me in this condition, buy me....save me)

i probably gives 1000 euro for the car, as you say it will have lot of work, and itch time i see it, new things appears to me, adding to the list already long......

about conctact Janspeed, i tryed to contact them at Janspeed.com but no reply actualy.....

I tryed too at hyperperformance (janspeed exhaust) and give them pictures but no answer ...

Where is the return line?

The hard fuel lines comes at the right front rail:

the arrives line goes to the mecanic pump an then to the carburator!

and i think the return line will be goes from the carby to hard return line (near the right front rail).

(As you could notice on the picture of the engine the carby have two plugs clogged by two hoses and screw) the return line will be plug in one of them?????

thanks for your help Alan

See you later


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