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Ball joint -- good or bad?

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Ok -- so I have cleaned and re-packed a pair of ball joints and they move pretty freely now. The question is this -- in the FSM, it states that the turning torque of the ball stud with the nut on it should be >50kg -- so if this thing spins freely in my hand its shot.

I would think we WANT them to be nice and free turning and moving. I mean no up and down play, but freely moving in the ball socket.

Kind of confusing how it reads in my manual.

Thanks for your help! These will be a set of spares in my rig so if they are shot, they are shot, just dont want to bolt them on at the track and have them sheer off like D-76's!


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and its the same way we do it here in the states for state inspection of the vehicle. its the make sure the steering wheel is unlocked.

raise the car under the ball joint area to releave any stress or pull on the joint.

grab the wheel at 6 and 12 oclock and check for side to side play.

should be more then .25 inches.

now take a bar under the tire and check for up and down play. just like above shouldnt have more the .25 inches of play.

if its moving and jumping about when testing it then i would replace it

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