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New from the Bay Area

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I've actually used this site's forums for a while for information, and recently I purchased a 73' 240z. So I finally made the decision to join because of the vast wealth on knowledge, and with an account I can actually tap into it. 


My Z is currently suspended on a lift, and unfortunately I believe that she may be there for quite a bit longer while I finish all of the restoration work and engine rebuild. This is actually my second 240z, and there's a long story behind the first, that I may get to sharing but its to long a story for now. 


I'm excited to be here and continue on my s30 project, and hopefully it will be completed by the end of summer or beginning of fall. I will be taking photos of the car, and they may find their way onto this site at one point. 



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Thanks for the info and please post pictures!  I am moving to within a couple of hours of the bay area this month, would love to see your car if I ever get moved and you would have time for a visit.  I have a 70 240Z, got it in 2008.  Pretty much finished working on it.  It may wind up being my daily driver as the place I am moving to doesn't allow many cars.      

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