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Back And Forth Shaking Started While Accelerating In 1St Gear

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He could have the "sticky pedal" issue my red 240 has.  I haven't fixed it yet so I can't offer any advice other than what I've read about a cable being used instead of the rod.


EDIT: "Sticky Throttle Linkage"


Problem was solved! Valves were badly adjusted! Ones even were adjusted to .014. The mechanic also found out the coil is getting very hot and the spark coming out to the spark plugs is very weak! I have a 3.0 Ohms flamethrower coil connected through a ballast resistor. The car does start up immediately. Could the Ballast Resistor or the coil be possibly damaged? If i decide to replace it should i go for a 1.5 ohm flamethrower Coil or is it better an MSD?  

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Why do you have a ballast resistor with a 3.0 ohm coil? Who did that? I don't know much electrical but while searching the electrical forum today, for a different topic, I read posts on a number of threads saying you're not supposed to do that. You might want to wait for a person with more ignition knowledge to back this up, but maybe you should try running it without that resistor.

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The back and forth hesitation problem was over. I also needed to set both idle mixture knobs to 3.5 turns clockwise. If i set them leaner at 3 turns, the car did not showed enough power in 1st and second gear. The rpms are set at 950 to 1000 and i bypassed the ballast resistor. I have not opened the gap of the spark plugs. I have them set at.028 as they came from Factory (NGK BP6ES).  

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