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Wanted 240K Skyline


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No No is not true as it comes on the Container to Dubai car full cut is not as you say, but say that prices have risen by 200% since it became turnout in abundance .. I am currently look for one I did not find :(
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I dont know is this the same guy but here this one guy from "Netherlands" (who is unmistakely an middle-eastern person) tries to purchase EVERY old LHD Kenmeri and other six-shooter Datsuns. Apparently he has been in some sort of trouble with our police. Beware. No matter how much money they offer, be sure that your car will not get the home it deserves.


Just my 2 cents. Dont be offended.

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this "Netherlands Guy" was also by me to take some c210 stuff, was quite friendly


BUT please take care and do not trust everybody !!

after all i was going to sale 2x LHD skyline´s those was transported by a german/hungary guy, who has connections to eastern europe and offer to me to solve my space and transport problem and was willing to buy one car but had some income problems...

i get lies after lies, every time i get an other answer was hiding the car´s from me after taking and at the end I lost bothe car´s and my money !! i think was sold to eastern europe or arab´s .. don´t know !
now all the stuff is at the lawyer, hope to find my car´s again !


i get know in the rest of my other car´s GPS signal to locate it if they get stolen.

i hope i will find a c110 again in europe :/

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