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Repairing Incorrect Angle Between Rear Strut Tube And Brg Housing?


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Hi folks,


I learned this year that my z's rear struts have visibly different angles where the strut tube is inserted into the bearing housing.  This explains a lot, the car has always had a funky driver-side rear toe issue, and it's off enough that with urethane bushings and the new adjustable LCA's, the driver-side LCA had to be torqued to get the main bolt thru.  Not good, we know, but the car is just a roller for now so it shouldn't affect anything.


Anyway, there are a few threads on this, it's a fairly common issue, but is there a way to fix it aside from hoping to find a replacement strut?  Can the tube be separated from its housing and adjusted to proper angle?


Thanks guys!

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