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New 280z Owner! First Z! SoCal!

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New to this forum! My name is Oscar and I live in SoCal (I.E.) and have a crazy passion for cars! I work for a wheel company/manufacturer (ACE ALLOY WHEEL) and love what I do. I go to every event I can (free tickets yay) and get to see the most craziest builds. I had been thinking about getting a car that I would have a fun time driving and at the same time enjoy the build as progress grows. I just wanted something different that I rarely see at shows other than usual Honda/BMW. I wanted my car to be extra special and a neck breaker, and just 2 Sundays ago I went on Craigslist, and found me a beautiful 280z that was babied and really well taken care of inside and out. 90k original miles, everything was stock, 1 owner and grandfather owned. I started it, drove it around the block and I instantly left a deposit and went to pick it up 3 days later! If you are in the I.E. feel free to send me a message so we can gather around sometime, some shoots, work on cars etc as I would love to get closer with the Z community around me. Mods that I am looking at getting currently are, a spoiler (victory), xenon air dam, 240z front and rear bumper conversion, jdm fender mirrors, coilovers, and some wheels!

They Day I Got Her!




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Finished removing the rear bumper.. that wasn't fun.. So i decided to shave off the right rear bumper shock.. Purchased 240z rear bumper.. still looking for the front bumper. Purchased custom made wooden shift knob.. So far so good.





Make Sure To Check Out [@NOSTALGIC_GRAINS] On Instagram! They Have A Great Variety Selection Of Custom Made Shift Knobs Custom Engraved Steering Wheels/ Shift Knobs, Or Check Out Their Website That Is Soon To Be Fully Up, Still Under Construction At The Moment. I Hope This Helps For People Looking At Getting A Custom Shift Knob. http://nostalgic-grains.com/

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Just installed an ANSA muffler, looks and sounds amazing!! Also just got a new shift knob from Nostalgic Grains!! Just ordered up a Xenon Air Dam, got it for $153 on Performance Auto Parts and Truck Accessories!! Part Number #3125. They have 8 left in stock. Now I am just debating on which spoiler.. thinking about the victory spoiler. Just picked up a Rare Wooden Izumi Steering Wheel!! I am now just waiting for my NRG Quick Release and MOMO Hub to come in!







Got My Grill Painted!!


Metal Cast Datsun Emblem! :cool:


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Looks like you are making some great progress. Cleaning up the grill on your car and painting it provides a good looking contrast to the blue paint. Good front bumpers are getting hard to find but you are in the best part of the country to locate one. We look forward to more pics!

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Mod Update!!


Steering Wheel Set Up Is On. Izumi Steering Wheel/ NRG 2.5 Quick Release / MOMO Hub


Fits perfect!!


Filling Her Up!!

At The Nitto Enthusiast Event!




Before Heading Out To Nitto Enthusiast Day Event


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Great looking car. Hope it will become the car of your dreams.

What is hanging from the right rear side of the bumper? I have seen it on a couple of cars, and I do not know.



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