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'71 Silver 240z on Ebay - Be Careful

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Datsun Z Series 240Z | eBay

For the record, I am posting this up as a reminder to do your due diligence when shopping for a classic Z car. If you are looking at this car or any car, always ask for a lot more photos. In no way do I mean to bash the seller or discourage anyone from bidding on it. I just want to share what I know about it as I do not feel it represented 100% accurately in the auction. Also, please keep in mind the seller I was speaking with in early June may not be the same guy selling the car now.

This silver 240z was a car my wife and I were seriously planning to go look at and buy just a few weeks before I bought the 240z I have now. The car was on Craigslist and located in Biloxi MS. He had sent me plenty of body, interior, and engine photos and for his asking price of $6500 it seemed reasonable as he told me the previous owner had rebuilt the suspension and the car was from Texas and virtually rust free. When I asked for pictures of the underneath I was quite shocked and disappointed. Its safe to say if the suspension was rebuilt it was a long time ago as all of the visible bushings are cracking and everything is covered in a layer of scale and rust. Knowing that a full suspension rebuild was ahead of me I quickly passed on the car. Below is a link to my Photobucket containing all the pictures the seller sent me. Seeing that the car is already at $8K the seller seems they will do pretty well with the car.

One a side note, the car appears to be a transition car as it is has vented B-pillars and the speedo starts at 10mph but it has all the series-1 bolt on stuff like seats, steering wheel console, and gas door knob/lock.

Pics -> 240z Biloxi MS Photos by camaroguy1969 | Photobucket


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I remember that car - what was the VIN? Not certain but didn't it also have a new model Dash?

Yes - now looking at the EBay ad - it does have a 73 Dash. I also see the VIN 24100 - Where the seller gets that it is a Series I, I don't know. Looks like a pure Series II - late model 1971 240Z.

Still - with its faults - $8K isn't outrageous East of the Mississippi. If there isn't major rust.. we all know there is at least some.. LOL


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