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side view mirrors?


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I have two OEM mirrors on my 70Z to replace afte rmarket mirrors that were on my car when I got it but I don't have the angle right on the passenger side yet; the mirror on that side drops down too far which is the standard problem as I understand it when using the driver's side (USA) mirror on the passenger side. I have read of installing an angled wedge shaped piece of metal (aluminum?) on the bottom side of the pas senger side mi rror under the base to push the bottom up so the mirror stalk is the same angle as the driver's side and also saw a thread that mentioned grinding down the top part of the base of the pas senger side mir ror as another solution. There may be better ideas and/or further info. In the picture below the mir ror on the left is the pas senger side mir ror but was a mirror intended by Nissan to be installed on the drivers side.


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Thanks for the quick reply. That's exactly what i was concerned about - the base of the mirror is angled for the drivers side... was hoping it came off the surface perpendicular so it would fit either side... looks like they only came with driver's side back in the day - so i'll have to stick with the aftermarket, unless i want a repaint...

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I would have stayed with the aftermarket mirrors on my car if they would have worked at all. They kept flopping around so I couldn't see anything with them and the rubber boot kept popping off. I have holes from the old mirrors, may glue a metal disk on the back of the hole and daub a tiny spot of bondo topped with matching color to hide the hole. Hope that works.

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If you search on the site here, you'll see a few writeups about this. I'd post the link but don't know how to with this IPad. Dean at datsunparts.com will be getting a run in from a manufacturer. They look nice, but the passenger's side will be flat, which means a limited field of vision. I used a prototype with a slightly convex mirror on it and it is very useful.

By the way, I do still have a shim that I made from aluminum to adapt the driver's side from a previous round. It took a lot of work to get that shim the correct shape. I then had to replace the original mirror bolt with a longer one due to the thickness of the shim.

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The bullet or the Talbot style side mirrors IMO look good and are period correct , they are still in the market and as a pair L/R. I get tons of complements on my vintage Talbot's >>> post-25833-14150826108829_thumb.jpg :cool:

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